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Ethno-Tribal Smudge Incense



Used by many Native Tribes as a spiritual tool, Seneca Grass or Sweet Grass is smudged to promote happiness and harmony. It is often burned in the beginning of a prayer or ceremony to attract positive energies.
Belief has it that when it is burnt, a prayer is sent to heaven on the smoke.
It is also to be used after burning White Sage to bring positivity.

Aztec Tlaltecuhti

The Frog symbolizes good luck, They always respond to nature’s timing.

As frogs croak before the rains, they are considered bringers of rain, cleansing, and fertility.

The visible changes over the course of their life (from tadpole to frog) symbolises of change, adaptability, and rebirth.

A Smudging Prayer

Grant to me my wish I make

With harm to none for my sake

Prosperity and wealth bring henceforth to me
with blessings that I will surely see

So mote it be !

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