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Ethno-Tribal Smudge Incense



Used by the Native Tribal for protection, It is usually used to cleanse a home when moving in. The smoke from cedar is said to attract the good energy and eliminate the negative. Cedar is used to carry prayer to the Creator.
Conjures the forces of Fire and rejuvenates to user.
Smudge Cedar for calming, soothing, confidence and strength.

Aztec Quauhtli

The Eagle of the Aztec Empire symbolized courage, power and bravery.

This large fearless bird was a symbol of power to the warriors.

The Sun’s journey from night to day was a representation of an eagle’s flight.

A Smudging Prayer

Negativity that invades my sacred place,

I banish you away with the light of my grace.

You have no hold or power here.

For I stand and face you with no fear.

Be gone forever, for this I will say,

This is my sacred place and you will obey.

so note it be

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